Yet another project won: HABITABLE!

The overall goal of HABITABLE is to investigate how and to what extent climate change affects the habitability of socio-ecological systems and transforms current and future migration patterns.

The consortium is led by the Hugo Observatory at the University of Liège (ULiège). It assembles diverse recognized institutions covering the wide range of expertise necessary for the successful achievement of the project, ranging from climate and environmental science (PIK, IRD, UCAD) and human mobility and dynamics (ULiège, UNINE, UNIVIE, UNEXE, IDMC/NRC, INSTAT, CSIR, CARE France, RTF, AUU), all the way to sustainability studies (ULUND, UTWENTE, UNESCO, SEI ASIA, IES), development economics (IRD), international human rights law (UNIROMA1) and public policy (adelphi).

Innofluence did assist in drafting the proposal, particularly with regard to the “Impact section”. the final score: 14,5/15 !