Project BEWARE 2 (Marie Strokovska Curie COFUND, 14 M€) won!

BElgian WAllonia REsearcher FELLOWSHIPS 2 | BEWARE2  is a 14M€ H2020 Cofund action (funded by EU).

BEWARE2  enables the commitment of 75 researchers in Wallonia (Belgium). Researchers come from everywhere by the world and carefully selected only on the basis of excellence.

They will have the opportunity to share their time fairly between an SME and an academic ( 44 universities and research centers are involved).

The action is coordinate by Service Public de Wallonie (SPW) and should start by the end of 2019 and end in 2022.

If you are looking for a postdoc position please apply here:

Innofluence was in charge of the full writing of the successful proposal.


EU website: