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Little Yéti, a new Erasmus+

A new success in the frame of Erasmus+ programme, together with our partners Le Laba and Defismed. Little YETI (youth eco-tourism initiative) aims to support young people in their commitment to share and value Europe in a more sustainable and civic-minded way than before the COVID crisis: These young people carry out their own tourism projects to […]

Yet another project won: HABITABLE!

The overall goal of HABITABLE is to investigate how and to what extent climate change affects the habitability of socio-ecological systems and transforms current and future migration patterns. The consortium is led by the Hugo Observatory at the University of Liège (ULiège). It assembles diverse recognized institutions covering the wide range of expertise necessary for […]

Another success: BEWARE 2, a 14M€ H2020 Marie Sklodowska Curie Cofund project

BEWARE 2 is a 14M€ H2020 Cofund action will enable the commitment of 75 researchers in Wallonia (Belgium). Postdocs will  come from everywhere  by the world and carefully selected only on the basis of excellence. They will have the opportunity to share their time fairly between an SME and an academic ( 44 universities and […]

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We assist you in raising funds to finance your research and innovation.

European funds (H2020, LIFE+, ERDF, …), French funds (CIR, ANR, FUI,…) & Private funds

Organizing the whole process

Selecting the best funding scheme for your project

Assisting you in elaborating your competitive proposal

Assisting you in managing your project

Maximising the return on investment by increasing the impact of your project

Talent search

Selecting the right competence for the right position.

To provide you with the best applicants, we offer the following main services:

Profiling – Defining the right profil

Sourcing – Database of the best scientists & engineers

Screening – Selecting the best candidate by using powerful tools

Managing the recruitment process – Accompanying  you all along the recruitment phase

Partner search

The best partner for your project


Data mining based on a database of thousand of projects and partners

Managing the relationship with new partners

Networking: How to identify and join the network you need


Auditing your R&D

Understanding your innovation

Assisting you in implementing your foresight

Identifying the means to achieve the strategic objectives

Binding R&D with business offer

Keeping you ahead of the competition

Assisting you in defining your needs

Looking for the best funding scheme and calls for proposals

Matchmaking your project with the best source of funding

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Training and keynote speach


Training your teams is a key to access innovation world

We propose a catalog of training sessions from in-house to open sessions.

Project management

setting up and writing a Proposal

Elaborating the impact part of a proposal

Exploitation & dissemination plan & communication

Understand the financial rules of Horizon 2020

How to prepare an audit

Horizon 2020 by Innofluence

Introduction to Horizon 2020 by our consultant at Nexa (La Reunion Island)

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Who we are?

INNOfluence is a consultancy company aiming at raising the impact of your research and innovation by providing you with all the required resources including talents search, fundraising, methods, training and communication tools.

​We are based near Sophia Antipolis, FRANCE, but also present in Paris and Brussels, Belgium.

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